Drchop Noise Machine, DIY Sound Machine for Baby Adult Sleeping, 24 Relaxing Nature Sounds, Volume Control, White, 1…


【24 Relaxing Nature Sounds】- Drchop white noise maker uses dual channel speaker to produce high-quality stereo sound. 8 natural sounds with independent adjustable button can be turn on/off: alpha, thunder, rain, campfire, birds, water stream, cricket, sleep music. Each sound has its own dynamic rhythm. Drchop White noise machine aims to simulate the sounds of nature, creating a comfortable environment to let you relax, making you easier to go to sleep.
【Brand New Mixable Sounds Design】- Medical scientists have proved that white noise has a significant effect on sleep. Compared with other products, Drchop sleep therapy machine can not only play a single rhythmic soothing sound, it can also DIY combination of different environmental sounds to reduce your boredom. Whether it is nap time or night time, the sounds of nature will help your baby and family to fall asleep more easily.
【Dual High Quality Speakers】- Speakers with dual-channel design, providing excellent clear sound and surround sound effects. In addition to helping you fall asleep, it can also prevent the interference of environmental noise and help you concentrate. It is very suitable to provide you with a comfortable environment while studying, working, meditating and reading.