Q Babies 2021 Upgraded Newborn Essentials Must Haves, Bassinet for Baby Lounger, Ultra Soft Premium Breathable Fiberfill…


❤️ CO SLEEPER FOR BABY IN BED – Enjoy more restful nights with baby next to you while you sleep and wake up less often during the night. Essentials every new parent must have.
❤️ BABY SLEEP PILLOW – Extra thick, adjustable cushion bumper designed to support baby’s neck and head while your baby sleeps. Our nest provides your baby with calming, sense of security and ensures a quiet undisturbed sleep.
❤️ BABY LOUNGER PILLOW – Allow baby to play with his or her favorite toy without getting away because the bumper sides will keep baby in place. You can put your baby in the nest into a crib, to place on a sofa, your bed or anywhere else. Our 3 handles design will make moving the nest around effortlessly.