Portable Baby Changing Pad + Octopus Toy Bundle – Large Waterproof Diaper Changing Table Contoured Mattress with Soft…


✅EASILY CHANGE YOUR BABY’S DIAPER ON THE GO with the large 27″ x 13.5″ foldable travel changing pad + octopus plush toy. Conveniently open the pad one-handed and keep your baby distracted while you change them!
✅MAKE CHANGING NAPPIES MORE COMFORTABLE: With thick polyester filling and a soft memory foam head pillow, this diaper changer is super comfy, compact, and easy to wipe clean; A must-have accessory for baby parents.
✅TRAVEL WITH YOUR KID STRESS-FREE: Easily store your baby’s wipes, diapers and little toys in the special pockets including your keys, phone or other essentials in the front zippered compartment of your portable diaper changing pad.