Infant Baby Holder Carrier Backpack Ergonomic with Head Support Padded Shoulder Straps Front and Back for Newborn…


[Ergonomic C+M Design] Ergonomic adjustable seat, allow you to freely adjust the seat width for each individual baby according to the different wearing ways for the best baby hip positioning, so that the baby is at any time in a C+M natural sitting posture, which is highly recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) and the pediatrician, to prevent bow legs and poor blood circulation.
[Easy To Use] Free adjustment function allows parents to quickly carry the baby in the baby carrier (without others’ help). It provides various ways to carry your baby in order to releasing your hands and it is really suitable for carrying your baby during traveling, shopping, housework and more.
[Humanized Design] This baby carrier are designed with a foldable neckband to protect the baby’s head and neck; a soft foldable baby hood for sun protection and windproof, offering a private breastfeeding-area; also anti-scratch legging-bands to prevent baby’s leg injury; baby carrier is made of 100% high-quality cotton, so soft that fits the sensible skin of the baby and parents, com-fortable, breathable and machine washable.