Genuine Dr. Pavlovic’s Ointment – Anti Diaper Rash, Dry Skin Moisturizing, Baby Skin Care Ointment with Chamomile Pack…


Genuine Dr. Pavlovic’s Ointment – BABY CARE OINTMENT – is used for daily care and protection of baby’s skin for the purpose of preventing contacts with urine, feces and sweat irritants.
Ointment components are skin protectants (Vaseline), substances with astringent and absorbent action, occlusives and oil-giving substances (Vaseline, lanoline, fluid paraffin), which, by their hydration effect prevent close contact between urine, sweat and feces ingredients and soft and sensitive baby and child skin.
Besides, oily substances in the preparation formula, by their occlusive effect, enable protection and reparation of insufficiently developed skin barrier (in babies – in constituting phase). In this way, these occlusives reduce TEWL (transepidermal water loss) from skin, i.e., slow down skin drying, thus indirectly moisturizing skin from within