GABRIALLA Breathable Cotton Lined Medium Maternity Support Belt, Helps Prevent Stretchmarks and Relieve Lower Back Pain…


Extra support and stretch mark prevention: designed to be 6″ In the back, tapering down to 3″ Inches in the front to lift and support your baby bump as it gets heavier, reducing strain and risk OF developing stretch marks. Supports healthy posture.
High cotton content, comfortable for workouts and stylish to wear with any outfit: soft and gentle for wearing on the skin. Highly breathable. Suitable for any climate. Designed to provide extra support without restricting your movements.
Ease those aching joints and lower back pain: features a six-inch-deep pocket for a hot or cold therapy to cool you off or soothe your aching lower back. Warm therapy increases the blood flow to the lower back, loosens the muscles and reduces pain.