Ekouaer Nursing Dress,Maternity Nightgown Women’s Delivery/Labor Breastfeeding Sleep Dress Delivery Hospital Nightdress


❤The fabric is soft&breathable.Pregnant woman, body temperature is relatively high, in hot summer night,give a suit of sweat also be afraid of catching a cold, put on this sleeveless maternity gown, you can feel relaxed and breathable, be like the breeze that summer gently blows across the field, after waking up all night, you can be surprised to discover: the back does not give a drop of sweat unexpectedly
❤Every time when go to the prenatal check-up,put on and off is more trouble. Ekouaer’s Labor Dress is button down design, easy for you can freely move around yet have easy access for medical examinations or fetal monitoring
❤If you need breastfeeding, you would pull the whole dress off breastfeeding, a bit of impact on the beauty, especially when you go out; Ekouaer this breastfeeding nightdress, Shoulder snaps on both sides, convenient breastfeeding, at the same time is easy put on and off, when the child is hungry, crying, can quickly to breastfeeding