Baby Wrap Carrier with Hip Seat, Windproof Cap, Bite Towel as Well as 6 and 1 Convertible Backpack, Cotton Sling for…


1.ERGONOMIC DESIGN: 5cm-width shoulder strap assists in dispersing mommy’s pressure, extremely soft & breathable filling material reduces shoulder injuries. Plus, the waist stool holds your baby so comfortable that generates less shoulder burden.
2. SAFE DESIGN: No worry about your baby’s shaking and falling down while you are moving because of the PERFECT wrapping. The soft edging prevents your baby from cutting. Besides, the wide & soft sofa cushion provides the baby with a comfortable sitting posture, which prevents the leg from being squeezed then impeding the blood circulation and causing hip bone deformation.
3.MULTI-FUNCTIONS: 3 modes to switch freely, including single stool mode, strap mode, and multi-purpose use of strap-type waist stool mode, which are easy to change, to meet the needs of the age-free use as well as convenient for mama to disassemble.