Baby Lounger, Newborn Sleeper, Nest – Portable, Cotton-&-Polyester Snuggle Bed with Removable Pillows, Breathable…


Nest for Every Need – Provide a cozy place to nap and play with ANTOLIK’s baby lounger! Adore yours as a co sleeper, crib or bassinet nest, play-mat cushion, travel bed, daily lounger, and more.
Wholly Gentle – With your cotton-and-polyester newborn lounger, snuggles are simply soft. Its breathable-mesh mattress comfortably cocoons your little one without irritating sensitive skin.
Pillows With Perks – Your Infant lounger nest is perfect for growing, roving babies with 4 hook-and-loop-attaching pillows that cradle 0- to 6-month infants and detach for hand-washing and adjusting size.