Baby Lounger, Baby Nest, Baby Bed,Co-Sleeping for Baby, Portable Breathable Cotton, Newborn Lounger for Crib & Bassinet…


Super Safe Material: Our baby lounger adopts 100% hypoallergenic breathable cotton material ,which is certified by OEKO-TEX ,reduce irritation as much as possible, suitable for baby’s delicate skin.
Premium Bionic Design: Our baby nest provides a good and comfortable sleeping environment for babies by imitating the feeling of being tightly wrapped in the mother’s womb. And by giving babies a sense of security, improve their sleep quality.
Double-Side Adjustable:Our baby lounge chair is suitable for babies aged 0-12 months. The bottom is attached with a rope design. It is recommended for younger babies to tie the rope. At this time, the baby can be completely surrounded, and a support for the baby’s feet, to give more sense of security. When it is used for older babies, you can choose not to tie the ropes, and there will be more space.