Anti-Radiation Maternity Clothes Top Baby Mom Protection Dresses Vest Four Silver Fiber Skirt Dress


    ♥ ANTI-RADIATION DRESS: Shielding performance Max 99.99% (10MHz-1000MHz). Shielding: LF (Low frequency electric fields) & HF (High frequency electric fields). Protect your baby during pregnancy and early childhood when they are at highest risk for radiation exposure.
    ♥ RADIATION SHIELD FOR PREGNANT WOMEN: textile products was tested by accredited institutes and verified to have up to 50 dB shielding effectiveness. This dress reduces the risk of everyday RF radiation. It’s ideal to use from pregnancy to baby arrives.
    ♥ GIVE YOU PEACE OF MIND. Reduce your concern about everyday radiation from cell phones, computer and laptops, etc. Relieving anxiety of pregnant women, you can work on your laptop, tablet and cell phone during pregnancy freely.