AIRSEE Sound Machine White Noise Machine with Baby Night Light Built-in 31 Soothing Sounds with Timer & Memory Features…


【31 SOOTHING SOUNDS BRING WONDERFUL DREAMS】 Airsee white noise machine includes 8 white noise,brown noise,pink noise; 7 fan sounds; 16 relaxing natural sounds ( 2 Lullabies, 2 music box, waves, brook, windstorm, rain, bonfire, water Drop, birds, crickets, pendulum clock, train, 2 Shush). A good sleep sound rhythm helps you drift off to sleep. Lullabies could be your baby’s favorite. Various sounds meet all your want also applicable to all kinds of people.
【ADJUSTABLE NIGHT LIGHT FEATURES】 Airsee sound machine with night light has constant light and breathing light 2 modes. The warm and cozy light is suitable for bedside lamp when night, soft enough light is also perfect for newborn feeding, night nuseries and changing diapers at midnight.
【SOOTHE TODDLER SLEEP】 White noise is most similar to the sound a baby hears in the womb, and can work like magic to make the baby fall asleep, it blocks out the disturbing crashes of surroundings, provides a more ‘homely’ aura to your tot, helps babies sleep better whether nap or night time. A sleeping baby brings a lovely and peaceful day for the whole family.