3 Packs Newborn Nursing Pillow and Positioner Infant Breastfeeding Pillows with Headrest & Backrest & Halter Neck Sling…


Notice: The pillow you received is packed in a vacuum compression. When you get the pillow, you should take it out in the sun or rub it with your hands. It will take about a day to restore its fluffy appearance. Please understand that the material of the pillowcase is relatively light and thin, so there will be wrinkles when taken out of the vacuum compression bag.
3D Cotton Material: Newborn baby nursing pillow is made of 3D cotton, which is more firm and flat, it is also more breathable and elastic then baby can sleep on it peacefully.
Wrap Around Design: Different from other breastfeeding pillows, the secure buckle can lock your body, it can help you and your baby maintain ideal positioning for latch-on and prevents your baby from rolling in the gap that other nursing pillows create.